Thrill ride for sale

Thrill rides, or adventure park rides are really the rides make you “freak out”. Usually, these rides are big fairground attractions, giant in shape, fast in speed, complex in movement, make you feel …

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Park Construction

One-stop Amusement Equipment Center.We have sold amusement equipment to these Philippines,              

Inflatable tent

  With over 10 years of experience creating indoor and outdoor giant inflatables ,we will guide you through the entire process, starting with the concept/design phase all the way to setup and ins…

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Water park games for sale

All plastic water bicycles are made of imported impact resistant, high strength, UV resistant polyethylene. Durable, lightweight, beautifully designed and uniquely visual, it blends in with nature. No…

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Space walk Amusement Ride

Space walk  ride is one of the products that our company independently designs. It is a amusement rides run along the rail track. The height of this equipment is 5m, the operating height is 3.9m, and …

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