Chair Swing Ride

Chair o Plane ride, also know as swing carousel, chair swing ride, swing rides, is a classic rotation carnival swing rides. At Zhengzhou Yueton, we manufacturer different size chair-o-plane to meet the different level amusement park. According to its decoration, chair-o-plane can be divided into simply chair o plan and luxury chair o plane. Check following models for references.

chair o plane ride

This chair o plane is a luxury swing chair ride, not only decorated with hundreds of color LED lights, but also with the shaking head and raise up function. When the rides start running, chair are swing and spin around, the rides head shaking and lift up. You are welcomed to required video and some more detail photos for references.
Product Name:The swing ride|chair swing ride|swing carousel
Model Number:YTW-CS001
Capacity: 24seats | 36 seats
Material: FRP+Steel.
Cover Area: 14m diameters.

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fruit swing chair for sale

Watermelon swing carousel is the most lovely and cute swing rides, the whole shape of the rides is based on all kinds of fruit. Different shape fruits such as grape, apple and so on to decorate the top and all the cabins shaped in watermelon. Sparking LED lights are decorated in the the middle, this carnival swing rides will sure help you attractive more customers.
Product Name:Wave swinger| Fruit flying chair ride
Model Number:YTW-CS002
Capacity: 16P
Material: FRP+Steel.
Cover Area: 10m diameters.

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mushroom flying chair

If your indoor amusement park need one mini yo-yo or small swing carousel for kids, then this classic mushroom fly chair is your best choise, its beautiful appearance and exciting rotation are very popular. This small flying chair is more suitable for children to play, the speed of rotation is adjustable, without the installation of basic, indoor and outdoor is OK, the children ride in the chairs, feeling flying.
Product Name:Mushroom yo-yo | Chair-O-Planes ride
Model Number: YTW-CS003
Capacity:  12seats
Material: FRP+Steel.
Cover Area: 7m diameter.

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mickey flying chair for sale

Simple swing flying chair ride is designed by the children safety,the seats made according to the baby trolley seats,to ensure the children can’t throw out when the machine in running.The end of the chain bottom have soft cover to avoid the children injured and scratched, keep safety for the players.
Product Name: Simple 10| 12 seats swinger ride
Model Number: YTW-CS004
Capacity: 10P| 12P
Material: FRP & Steel structure
Cover Area: 7.5m diameters

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16 seat flying chair ride

The Chair-O-Planes is simple watermelon swinger ride,  It is very popular in the mini park or square. low-cost, high return, long useful life, so this is one of the most popular classical carnival rides. the chain of the seats for the yo-yo ride is a little short that to keep the rides can’t too high to the floor.
Product Name: 16 seats simple swinger
Model Number:YTW-CS005
Capacity: 16 seats.
Material: FRP+Steel.
Cover Area: 10m diameters.

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