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Single Face Ferris Wheel

This fairy wheel is the mini ferris wheel from Zhengzhou Yueton, 5 colorful cabins can hold 10 players at the same time. This small observation wheel equipment with sparking LED lights, when the rides rotation in the vertical circle, lights make the rides a great park attraction. This small wheel ride can be used in amusement park, outdoor playground and indoor entertainment center.
Product Name: Single Face Ferris Wheel|Indoor ferris wheel.
Model Number: YTW-FW001
Capacity: 12P
Height: 7m
Material: FRP & Steel structure
Cover Area: 6mx4m

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Double Face Ferris Wheel

Double ferris wheel is a new design ferris wheel ride, as its name told you, double side of the rides are equipment with cabins, make it take more players at the same time. Small area needed, only took a small space compared with other rides, this riding wheel is warmly welcomed by indoor amusement park, plaza and shopping mall.
Product Name: Double Face Ferris Wheel
Model Number: YTW-FW002
Capacity: 20P
Height: 6m
Material: FRP & Steel structure
Cover Area: 6mx6m

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20m Ferris Wheel

20meters high carnival ferris wheel is a junior big wheel. For small parks, this size skyview ferris wheel is enough, no matter in which park, a ferris wheel surely be the park land mark. Sky rider ferris wheel is the nice rides that can drive you to the high spot of sky and letting you to enjoy all the beautiful landscape under sky.
Product Name: 20m Ferris Wheel|Skydiver Rides
Model Number: YTW-FW003
Capacity: 12Cabins-48P
Height: 20m
Material: FRP & Steel structure
Cover Area: 17mx14m

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Ferris Wheel for sale

This high roller ferris wheel is the fairest wheel from our factory, different from other types giant wheels, this sky rider ferris wheel specially at its cabins. Different from other type ferris wheel cabin, cabins of this wheel ferris is flower baskets. Equipment with hundreds of sparking LED lights, this big wheel just like a beautiful flower in the night.
Product Name: Ferris Wheel|Skydiver Rides
Model Number: YTW-FW004
Capacity: 16Cabins-64P
Height: 30m
Material: FRP & Steel structure
Cover Area: 21mx23m

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Skydiver Rides

Riding ferris wheel is the every lovers want to do, its is so much romantic. Sometime, people wonders why lovers love to ride a ferris wheel, may be it is because skydiver can take you to the highest point of the sky, also the lowest down to ground, and at this time, you lover is here with you. And in our life, no matter we are at the peak and down, we hope our lovers always here for us.
Product Name: Ferris Wheel|Skydiver Rides
Model Number: YTW-FW005
Capacity: 24Cabins-96P
Height: 42m
Material: FRP & Steel structure
Cover Area: 28mx31m

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Riding ferris wheel

As it knows to every one, giant big wheel, handsome in appearance, is one of the important equipment in amusement park, which also represent the modern construction scale and strength of a amusement park. This classic vertical fairground rides, as the photo show, is equipment with 64 cabins and can hold 256persons at the same time.
Product Name: Giant Ferris Wheel|Skydiver+rides
Model Number: YTW-FW006
Capacity: 64Cabins-256P
Material: FRP & Steel structure

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Giant Ferris Wheel

Skydiver carnival rides, also known as ferris wheel, meet all your imagination on a amusement equipment could be. This skydiver is the best amusement rides for families to riding together as its mild speeding in vertical rotation. It is the best rides for lovers to enjoy the romantic moments. It is the highest amusement rides to take you to enjoy the grand landscape of a city. This skydiver is no age limited and assure the happiness can reach to everyone.
Product Name: Ferris Wheel|Skydiver Rides
Model Number: YTW-FW007
Capacity: 54Cabins-216P
Material: FRP & Steel structure

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Skydiver carnival rides

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