Pendulum rides for sale

Pendulum Rides is a new amusement project that popular internationally at present. This product drive with great momentum and with attractive appearance and scientific structure. Passengers could feel dazzled and frightened when they ride in repeated. Swinging pendulum rides which rotate with high speed. Players always cannot helping screaming and laughing when they are experience the rides. which greatly improved the happiness of carnival occasion.

Small Frisbee Rides

6 seats mini pendulum ride for sale

Mini Pendulum Ride is the new mini amusement equipment that popular internationally at present and it is the small version of Big Pendulum Rides. This rides equipment with great momentum and  attractive appearance and scientific structure. Players always cannot helping screaming and laughing when they enjoy the rides, which greatly improved the joviality of playground.
Product Name: Small Frisbee Rides|Pendulum Rides
Model Number: YTW-P001
Capacity: 6P
Material: FRP & Steel structure
Cover Area: 6.6mx5.8mx4.5mH

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mini pendulum rides

5 seats pendulum ride

This luxury mini pendulum rides, compared with simpler version pendulum rides, is the upper drive type and equipment with some more color LED lights. This mini pendulum rides can serve 8-10 years. It is more welcomed by modern amusement park and investors.
Product Name: Mini Frisbee Rides|Pendulum Rides
Model Number: YTW-P002
Capacity: 5P
Material: FRP & Steel structure
Cover Area: 8mx8m

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Frisbee Rides

This frisbee ride belongs to a medium size pendulum ride. When the rides start working, the round disck be swinged forward and backward just like a swinger. In the meantime, the round disk also make a 360 degree rotation along with its own axis.Players could feel dazzled and frightened when they ride in repeated swinging pendulum rides which rotate with high speed.
Product Name: Frisbee Rides|Pendulum Rides
Model Number: YTW-P003
Capacity: 12P
Material: FRP & Steel structure
Cover Area: 8mx8m

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24seats Frisbee Rides

To meet the needs from different countries and investors, our factory made this midum size frisbee, this rides can hold 24 person at a time, equipment with sparking LED lights, simple but practical, if you want add a frisbee to your amusement park but do not plan to spend so much money, this model will be your ideal option.
Product Name: Frisbee Rides|Pendulum Rides
Model Number: YTW-P004
Capacity: 24P
Material: FRP & Steel structure
Cover Area: 10mx12mx9.5mH

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pendulum ride

As any other frisbee rides, this model is same in opertion and running ways, what make this version different from other type frisbee is that this one is equipment with hundreds of colorful LED lights, make the rides shining and sparking in the dark nights. There is no doubt that a frisbee ride will make your park looks modern and attractive.
Product Name: Giant Frisbee Rides|Pendulum Rides
Model Number: YTW-P005
Capacity: 24P
Material: FRP & Steel structure
Cover Area: 24mx18m

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theme park rides

Giant frisbee rides, belongs to pendulum rides series, can be call one of the most scary theme park rides that make players freak out! The bigger of the swing angles, the more thrilling players may feeled. For such giant frisbee rides, you can only see in modern city park and theme park. And it have been proved that this ride bears a large amount players in every park.
Product Name: Ginat Frisbee Rides|Pendulum Rides
Model Number: YTW-P006
Material: FRP & Steel structure
Cover Area:

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