How bumper car be produced

Zhengzhou Yueton Bumper Car Detail Description

At Zhengzhou Yueton, we provide ground-grid bumper car sky-net bumper and battery bumper car. Following table show you their technical parameter

Type Size Capacity Power/voltage Accessories
Battery Bumper Car 195*90*110cm 2P 350W 24V 2pcs battery, charger, remote controller
Sky-net Bumper Car 195*90*110cm 2P 270W 90V ceiling, floor, control box
Ground-Grid Bumper Car 195*90*110cm 2P 350W 48V floor, control box

Site requirement for 3 types bumper car

Battery Bumper car: With high flexibility, you only need to keep the ground be flat is ok.

Ground grid bumper car& Sky-net Bumper Car: It best to control the bumper car set with the floor area be 1:10 to 1: 15, that is to say, if you want 10 cars, you will need 100 to 150 sqms floors/ceiling.

About the shell model: all the models can be apply to these three types bumper cars.

Production detail:

bumper car price

bumper car price








bumper car adult

bumper car adult










bumper car adult kids bumper car











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