Space walk Amusement Ride

Space walk  ride is one of the products that our company independently designs. It is a amusement rides run along the rail track.

The height of this equipment is 5m, the operating height is 3.9m, and the equipment operating speed is 6m/s.

The space walk ride have two powers, you can choose as you want. The first human power, the player can make the cabin forward by pedal just like bicycle. The second automatic, turn on the auto button on the cabin, then the cabin can move on uniform speed by electric power. During the movement, visitors can use the steering wheel to rotate the cabin 360 degrees to enjoy the surrounding beauty sight. For the convenience of operation, the space walk design looks like an aircraft from outer space.

The track rail height can be made as customer’s requirement. And our design team can also offer the track design base on customer’s place land situation. Rail length also can be customized.

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